Mandy Schlundt

Born in 1983, always had in focus to become an illustrator since I left school. I have a degree in design, which I studied in Mainz/Germany. During my studies there were already several books published with my illustrations; one of them »The Chain of Chance« by Stanisław Lem, which won the prize »Best German Book Design« in 2006. Nowadays, I'm living in Portugal, together with my partner, my kids and many animals.

Telling YOUR story.
With pictures.

This is what illustration
means to me:
Breathing life into ideas.

My special talent lies in
creating characters with
a lively charisma:
An eye catcher!

The main ingrediants:
Action and emotion.

Character Design

Let me create characters for you which stand out from the crowd, with strong expressions, unique personalities and charisma.

For publishers and companies

Character Development

[ stories | brochures | websites ]

Brand Mascots

[ brands | events ]

Personas & Avatars

[ target group analysis | customer journey ]
character illustration happy girl running


A rather funny, or informative look; vibrant or rather subtle colours; simple or elaborate:
All these factors of an illustration depend on the message that I'm aiming to convey. Everything else originates from this goal.

For Publishers | Visual Storytelling

Book Cover

[ cover art | layout | typography ]

Children's Literature

[ cover | inner illustrations | characters | focus on ages 8 to 12 ]


[ infographic | historical illustration | explanatory comic ]


[ full page illustration | spot illustration | explanatory pictures ]
team members running in circles with knots in their heads

For Companies | Complex stuff: made simple

Websites & Apps

[ spot illustration | onboarding | characters ]


[ brochures | info flyers | posters | magazines | workbooks ]

Internal Communication

[ employee magazines | business documents | posters | postcards ]

Concept Drawing

[ presentation | mind map ]
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